Founded in 2020 by Annmarie King. Universal Credit For Homes To Let (UCFHTL) was created to help home seekers have an easy to use stigma free when home searching specifically those looking for homes that are universal credit/dss friendly. Annmarie a single mother at the time to two young daughters, personally found out herself how difficult it can be when trying to find a decent & well-maintained home that accept benefits as not all home seekers claiming benefits are bad tenants. She decided this difficulty needs to stop somehow and to this current day has made it her & her teams’ mission to help try stop the stigma society may have when it comes to tenants on benefits.


Designing the UK’s first straightforward and easy to use direct members only property site for dedicated and respectable home-seekers. Allowing all registered home seeker members to create a HV (Housing Vitae) this information gives an in-depth history into the home- seekers Housing history. With a partnership with one of the UK’s largest credit agency Experian. UCFHTL ensures all registered home-seeker members have gone through affordability and vigorous other checks to help assess their rental affordability and reliability to connect them with the right agents & landlords. Giving our home- seekers a better acceptant rate with a landlord. By taken a different approach from your typical property site. UCFHTL manages all rental payment for our members ensuring our landlords and agents get paid on a timely manner along with being fully involved in all our members’ rental process. We report all our member tenant’s rental history to our partners Experian’s rental exchange to help build up our members credit history and give them a fair score.

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