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A property site that actually helps tenant. We ensure all advertised properties on the Universal Credit For Homes To Let (UCFHTL) site meets all the council requirements of:


 *Be in a good condition

 *Have CP12, Electrical and EPC certificates


Local Authorities UCFHTL Database

For this very reason we have designed a database on our site which is restricted for the local council only to post all your wanted ads. It will then be advertised directly to all our registered agents and landlords on the site. they will be able to contact you directly if they have the homes that match your requirements.


Security Checks

All properties that are advertised on the Universal Credit For Home To Let website through our landlords and estate agent have to pass our internal company screening checks. We take great pride in ensuring our registered home seekers find the right and most importantly safe home using the UCFHTL site.


Equality, Diversity

UCFHTL team takes equality and diversity very seriously We undergo equality training and are guided by our Equalities Policy & Practice objectives, which we adhere to fully. We are fully committed to delivering a fair and impartial service to all our UCFHTL site users.

Advantages For Our Local Authorities

We as a company understand the difficulties the local authorities may face in finding suitable accommodation for their homeless tenant’s trust in us as your go to property site ensuring:

1. All homes available on the Universal Credit For Homes To Let website meets the councils requirements


2.  No more difficulty in scouring the internet or place to place to find suitable accommodation for your home seekers


3. We Collect all rent payments ensuring tenants rent is being paid to a trustworthy landlord


4. We ensure all maintenance issues along with housing certificates are constantly up to date


5. Local Authorities own database for posting wanted ads


6. Simply a responsible trustworthy and reliable website


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