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Benefits With Us:

  1. Steady stream of quality Tenants.

  2. UCHFTL Rental Guarantee Scheme

  3. Attractive Cash Incentive for our landlords

  4. We Only deduct £60 from your monthly rental
  5. Keep your own Insurance for Emergences

  6. Householder Responsibility Report means your Property will be respected and kept in good condition.

Household Responsibility Report

Household Responsibility Report 1,000 points for 5 elements.

  1. Rent payments on time (200 points).
  2. Maintenance problems reported quickly (before things get much worse and more expensive) (200 points).
  3. Property respected and kept in good order (200 points).
  4. No problems with the neighbours (200 points).
  5. No attendance by the Police regarding domestic upsets (200 points).

Maximizing Your Returns

Diverse Tenant Base: Our platform diversifies your tenant base, mitigating vacancy risks.

Government Backing: Leverage the stability of government-backed rent through Universal Credit, part of the £77.5 billion welfare spending forecast for 2023-24​​.

Market Insights: We provide real-time data and trends to help you make informed decisions.

The Financial Landscape

In 2022-23, the UK saw 36,478 housing starts, with a significant focus on affordable homes​​. This shift underscores the growing importance of accommodating a broader tenant spectrum, including those benefiting from social housing initiatives.

Harnessing Market Trends

Growing Rental Market: The UK rental market is experiencing dynamic growth. Private rental prices across the UK, excluding London, increased by 5.7% in the 12 months to October 2023, reflecting a robust and expanding market​​.

London’s Rental Landscape: London’s rental market, accounting for nearly a third of the UK’s rental expenditure, saw a significant increase of 6.8% during the same period. This surge signals a lucrative opportunity for landlords in the capital​​.

National Housing Trends: The trend towards affordable housing is gaining momentum, with a substantial percentage of new housing starts dedicated to affordable homes. This shift in focus presents a unique opportunity for landlords to diversify their portfolios and cater to a growing segment of the population in need of affordable housing options​​.

Supporting Social Change

Affordable Housing Focus: With 78% of new housing starts aimed at affordable homes, we align with national trends to support inclusive housing​​.

Responding to Market Needs: Our services are designed to meet the evolving demands of the UK housing market, where affordable and social housing play increasingly vital roles​​.

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Join the Change

The UK’s focus on social and affordable housing is more pronounced than ever, with potential savings of £1.5 billion a year for the government by investing more in this sector​​​​. By partnering with us, you become part of a socially responsible network that also maximizes your investment returns.

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