Rental Exchange-Landlord & Agent

How the Rental Exchange can help you

The Rental Exchange incorporates a tenant’s rental payment history in their credit report in a secure and compliant way, with no cost to the agent, landlord or tenant.

Reduce late payments & help to build credit history

Ensuring private renters get the credit they deserve for making payments on time by enabling them to build a credit history. Experian is the only Credit Reference Agency in the UK that currently transforms rental payment data into consumer credit reports, so they can highlight tenants who pay rent responsibly.

Get rental payments on time

The Rental Exchange encourages on-time payments. With payment history highlighted on a tenant’s credit report, there’s more of an incentive to pay rent on time. And the benefit to you? A steady cash flow and payments made on time.

Giving tenants the tools to build their credit file

Be a responsible landlord or letting agent. By giving tenants the right tools to build a credit history, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Reduce Risk

Qualify to access unique data and information to help better assess an applicant’s risk profile and their ability to pay rent.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything. We will share all our registered members that we sign up with you tenancy information with Experian, including their track record for paying rent unless they tell us not to (within 28 days of receiving this notice). 

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