What Makes Us Different?

Universal Credit For Homes To Let (UCFHTL) was established to stand out from the crowd by having a never been done before approach. Challenging tradition with a more dynamic and fresh approach, we saw that there was a gap in the market for homes that accept tenants who claim universal credit/dss.

Our mission is to build a strong relationship between our landlords/agents and our home seekers. We aim for the landlord to become more open to renting their properties to our member home seekers claiming universal credit/dss/employment/other stat benefits with the confidence in receiving their rent every month, as in actuality receiving rent from a tenant claiming universal credit/dss is more guaranteed as in this current climax anything could happen to stop a person’s wages which will then put landlords in a straining situation.

Our members serious and respectful and respectful home – seekers who are understanding to the landlord’s position of needing a reliable rental income alongside of ensuring their rental home is kept in a tidy manner.  Through our company collecting and chasing the rental income we ensure that our landlords and agents have a stress-free time when dealing with tenants by just sitting back and allowing UCFHTL to do all the hard work. We aim to have a covenant made where the landlord can trust that they are inviting a responsible and timely tenant, and the tenant can trust they are entering a safe and well-maintained home.

We are constantly training and updating our services with the aim of providing excellent service levels that will exceed your expectations. Universal Credit For Homes To Let is always looking at new ways to market our services which ensures that we are current in the marketplace, therefore, making your property stand out from the crowd.

We are proud of our services we provide as we believe we are the go-to company our home seekers, landlord & agents can rely on.

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