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At Universal Credit For Homes To Let, It is our job to help stop any stigma!

How do we do this?

Register and put your details on our waiting list we will then start the search to find you a suitable accommodation

We may require a copy and permission to share your Experian credit report. We then will conduct an affordability check along with collecting previous landlord referencing, this will enable us to construct a household responsibility report.

In order for us to find you a suitable home, we require you to have a savings of 3 months universal credit shortfall in rent as we have a money guarantee scheme to cover landlord’s shortfall, for up to 3 months to ensure that rent paid on time.

We understand the financial difficulties of life and we are here to help however, if you fail to pay then this will badly impact your score on your household responsibility report. Along with affecting your credit score with Experian as we will report this information to them. It will make it harder for you in the future to finding a suitable home as landlords will be assessing you on your household responsibility report score.

Household Responsibility Report 1,000 points for 5 elements.

  1. Rent payments on time (200 points).
  2. Maintenance problems reported quickly (before things get much worse and more expensive) (200 points).
  3. Property respected and kept in good order (200 points).
  4. No problems with the neighbours (200 points).
  5. No attendance by the Police regarding domestic upsets (200 points)

Your housing support agent will be your agent throughout your membership. They will take the time the get to know a bit about you and your current living and financial circumstance. Once they have found out from yourself your new housing criteria they will match this with our affordability checks we would have performed you then start searching and liaising with different agents and landlords on your behalf. We will even turn up to home viewings face to face or via live link for that bit of extra support.

As per your membership agreement you will pay your monthly rent to us. All your rent payments will go directly into our secure client money bank account where we will directly pay your landlord 

Absolutely the more hands on deck the faster it will be in finding you a home. All you need to do is shortlist all the homes you find suitable send it to your support agent then leave the rest to us. We will contact and liaise with landlord in trying to secure you with a home

If you have been referred contact us for us to discuss your options

The Rental Exchange is a way to strengthen your credit report without you needing to take on new credit. As per your membership agreement with us we will share your tenancy information with Experian, including your track record for paying your rent 

Life happens and we are completely understanding to that. We simply urge you to pay your rent on time or as soon as you can as your rent history is being tracked and this will help you be easily approved for a new home you may wish to rent in the future

This is certainly the last thing we want. However if your landlord is to evict you on the basis of non rent as per our terms and conditions you will unfortunately not be able to be a member again on our site. It is very important we uphold to our landlords and agents that our members are trustworthy and reliable tenants.

If for any reason you get evicted due to the landlord simply wanting their home back not worry simply pay the half the the membership registration fee. We will start the process again in finding you another suitable accommodation

Yes of course although all our homes that will be advertised on the site will be universal credit friendly full time / part time employment seekers can still use the site and register as a member you will also be assigned a housing support agent

Due to many factors out of our control for e.g. certain landlords housing criteria you may not meet/ Home not being affordable. It may take some time to match you with the right landlord/agency. 

We will score you out of 1000 by the end of your tenancy. If your score is less then 600 by the end of your tenancy unfortunately you will not have the option to renew your tenancy or re register with our agency. Our agency is very strict on building a solid relationship with our landlords so it is crucial you maintain a good score at the end of your tenancy.

Still have a question?

If you cannot find an answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us

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