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As A Landlord You Need To Ensure You Find Reliable Tenants!

At UCFHTL we ensure that the tenants we find you are reliable:

How do we do this?

The Tenant has agreed to share their Experian Credit Report along with their UCFHTL Householder Responsibility Report. These will be submitted to our Landlords Before Tenancy.

Rent Guarantee Scheme

Universal Credit payments are collected by us and remitted to Our Landlords along with any shortfall. UC credits paid to us by Government, Shortfall paid to us by Tenants.
Rent is paid in full and on time for the duration.

This will badly impact the Tenants Household Responsibility Report, and they are well aware of that.
If the situation is not resolved after 3 months the U.C. payments will continue to be remitted to the Landlord until the Tenant leaves.

Household Responsibility Report 1,000 points for 5 elements.

  1. Rent payments on time (200 points).
  2. Maintenance problems reported quickly (before things get much worse and more expensive) (200 points).
  3. Property respected and kept in good order (200 points).
  4. No problems with the neighbours (200 points).
  5. No attendance by the Police regarding domestic upsets (200 points)

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