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Steps of Registration/ Waiting List

  • Step 1: Fill our waiting list registration form then pay the waiting list fee of £10
  • Step 2: Once on the waiting list you will be redirected to a page where you can build your Housing Criteria Profile (HV). (You will remain on the waiting list and your account will remain pending until we house our current members)
  • Step 3:  We will contact you and start the process of fully registering you & verifying you as a member. You will need to sign our membership agreement then pay £60 (which is fully refundable if we don’t house you in 6 months of your membership agreement). In order to become a member and have us help house you we will need to verify your income and identification. We require a copy of your Experian credit score along with references from any previous landlords in some cases we may require a security deposit for the landlord
  • Step 4: We find you a suitable accommodation and collect the rent paying it directly to your landlord or agency

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